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GameCoLab hosting workshop on storytelling in games

Does story matter in Mario games? Tain Barzso,  a new media expert, thinks it does.

He’ll host “Mario to Skyrim: Making story matter at all levels of gaming” from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, at GameCoLab. The workshop, part of GameCoLab’s Osmosis series, will explore narrative-based games and the various structures and processes that go into building and crafting original game concepts.

Barzso is an educator and technology professional in the areas of new media, gaming and technological research. He’s interested in “gamification,” the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts, as well as educational and narrative-based games.

His current projects include directing technology for the Digital Culture program at ASU and he co-owns the media and consulting agency Lab238 LLC.

Guests can RSVP on the event’s Meetup page.

5 zombie games to satisfy your Walking Dead cravings

America loves zombies. Even though AMC’s The Walking Dead has its flaws as a show, it’s one of the most unique programs on television, and it fills a very specific (undead) niche.

After the  Walking Dead season finale, American television is zombie-less once again. Luckily, zombies have existed in other media for some time now, so here’s a list of five zombie games sure to satiate anyone’s zombie cravings.

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Opinion: I don’t want to save the world

“No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved!” –Mr. Incredible

CD Projekt Red released a new gameplay trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a few days ago, and it got me thinking about the different approaches roleplaying games take on player characters.

Imagine a spectrum, with a rigidly defined protagonist on one end and a blank sheet player character on the other. Most roleplaying games lean toward one side. The more defined protagonists still get some breathing room for player choice, and the less defined ones still usually have a role in some larger conflict.

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Welcome to Arizona Gamer!

Welcome to Arizona Gamer, your new source for gaming news in the Valley area.

Arizona might not seem to have a big population of gamers, but the scene is bigger than most realize. There are numerous gaming organizations, clubs, developers and even esports teams located right here in the Valley.

The problem lies in the sprawling nature of the Phoenix area. Gamers are too spread out. This site will offer a common hub for gamers of all types: video gamers, board gamers , card gamers and more.

Many local groups and individuals will be featured here. If you think you’ve got something newsworthy to submit, shoot off an email.

Stick around for our first wave of content. Game on, Arizona!

Opinion: Game wikis break adventure genre

This review was originally posted on http://www.ferritales.com.

Adventure games are broken.

You might say that the genre is still going strong with the success of games like Terraria, Minecraft or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. But when there’s a wiki site for every game with all its secrets just a few keystrokes away, mystery and discovery fall victim to efficiency and power gaming.

A video game used to force you to use your brain; now, you can just use Google. It feels like cheating.

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Arizona Gamer reviews Payday 2

This review was originally posted on http://www.ferritales.com.

Organized crime is glamorous. While the exploits of a petty thief might not be admirable, there is a certain appeal to the life of a seasoned criminal.

An ordinary person will likely go their whole life without robbing a bank or transporting cocaine. But that doesn’t mean that person can’t feel some of the rush that comes with pulling off a successful heist. That’s the escapist nature a video game: it lets people act out wild fantasies.

Payday 2 lets players live out their organized crime fantasies with a variety of underworld undertakings, ranging from art theft to gun running. It’s all of the fun of robbing a bank with none of the lengthy federal prison sentence.

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Arizona Gamer reviews Brave New World

This review was originally posted on http://www.ferritales.com.

As the massive success of Call of Duty and similar titles shows, war is a popular theme in video games.

So much so that video games and war have become linked in many people’s minds. They go together like… war and video games.

While there are definitely other popular genres, a stereotype has grown around games that says they’re all about killing.

Is that what’s so appealing about war games?

In truth, war has shaped the human race. Our history as a species is defined by it in many ways–but not entirely.

While war has its place in games just as it does in human history, other themes are needed too.

Previously, Civilization 5 was a war game. Of course, there were alternative routes to victory, but it ultimately came down to who had the biggest army at the end of a match.

Maybe that’s clever commentary on reality, but Brave New World changed this dynamic by introducing more diplomacy and trade features. In essence, it made Civilization 5 less of a war simulator and more of a world simulator.

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Arizona Gamer reviews Monaco

This review was originally posted on http://www.ferritales.com.

They say subtlety is dead. When it comes to video games, there’s evidence to support such a claim—just look at the success of titles like Call of Duty, Halo and Borderlands. While I love going on a testosterone-fueled rampage just as much as the next dude, it’s also nice to play some games with a different play style.

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