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Aztez, Grave developers showcase games at E3

Last week, the Arizona game developers behind Aztez and Grave attended E3 2014 in Los Angeles to showcase their work. I caught up with them to get their thoughts on this year’s expo, what it was like to present their games there and what moments stood out to them.

Ben Ruiz makes up half of Team Colorblind, the minds behind fighting game/real-time strategy hybrid Aztez, coming this year to PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and more.

Tristan Parrish Moore is the creative director for Grave, a survival horror game with randomized gameplay a surrealistic elements. The game recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and is shooting for a release date in early 2015.

Q: What did you think of this year’s E3 Expo as a whole?

Ben: It was kind of hard to get a holistic view of the event since we were hovering around the Aztez kiosks in the Microsoft booth. I just know that I saw a lot of great new games coming up, and it finally got me excited for this new generation of consoles. I have them, I like them, there’s just not much to do on them yet. So that was nice.

Tristan: This was my first time going to E3 – I’d never actually been in any capacity before. It was a bit of an interesting experience. it’s definitely different from many other conferences. We got a lot of support from Microsoft, which was really cool – we got presented in the Microsoft press briefing as one of the ID@Xbox games, so that was super great… It was really awesome to see that Microsoft is going a long way to represent the indie crowd.

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Made in Phoenix: Devs showcase work at Indie Game Demo Day

Alex Osuna, above, demonstrates the mechanics of Zwarms, a science-based RTS for mobile devices.

Game developers from around the Valley shared their work with the community Sunday night at an indie game showcase in Scottsdale.

Game CoLab hosted the event, Made in Phoenix 2: Indie Game Demo Day, as part of the Phoenix Film Festival.

The purpose of the event was to give the public a chance to “check out and support the hard work local video game developers have been up to,” according to a Game CoLab email.

“It’s a community thing,” said Ben Ruiz of Phoenix-based Team Colorblind. “I like setting up and talking to people. I do the local stuff because it’s fun.”

Ruiz attended the event to demo Aztez, a hybrid real-time strategy and fighting game set in the Aztec empire. The game tasks the player with managing an empire while handling uprisings and other challenges through fighting sequences, Ruiz said.

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