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The 5 best Star Wars video game characters

The Star Wars Expanded Universe has “turned a new page,” revoking canon-status from the majority of the universe’s fiction. That includes most Star Wars video games. We may see remakes or revisits of certain games, but it’s possible we’ve seen the last of some memorable characters.

Here are five of the best Star Wars characters that will be greatly missed in future games:


5. Nym (Star Wars: Starfighter, Jedi Starfighter)

Part of a long line of lovable Star Wars mercenaries, Nym was introduced in Star Wars: Starfighter. He led the Lok Revenants, a group of pirates, as they raided and eventually waged war with the Trade Federation. He was known for his theft and use of a prototype bomber he called the Havoc, which he used to destroy a major droid production facility on Eos.

He returned for Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, which saw him continue the fight against the Trade Federation alongside Jedi Master Adi Gallia. In that game, he helped destroy a biological weapon called trihexalon and regained control of his base on the planet Lok, which had been overrun years before.

Nym was essentially Vin Diesel in an alien suit, and that contributed to his appeal. It’s unlikely we’ll see the character again, as he played a minor role in a lesser-known game series. But his gravelly voice, gruff demeanor and lovable group of pirates won’t be forgotten by the dedicated LucasArts gamer.

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